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Choose a secure sign-in method
If your app contains any sensitive, private, or personal information, then you should use a private sign-in setting such as Password, Only Me, or Allowed Email List.
    If your app is Public, anyone with the link can access its data, so do not make your app Public if it contains information that you or your users would not want to make public. If someone cannot sign into your app, then they cannot access any of its data. Only people you want to access your app's data should be allowed to sign in.
    All Glide apps, including Personal apps, can be locked with a password or use other private sign-in settings like "Only Me." Please use these private settings if your app's data does not need to be Public.
    If you protect your app with a password, choose a strong one. Google has a guide for picking a strong password.
Read more about the different sign-in settings below ๐Ÿ‘‡
Last modified 1yr ago
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