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Referral links
Referral Links are only accessible to old users who still have access to their "My Apps" folder.
You can refer other people to Glide with your own unique referral link. For every active developer you refer, you’ll get an additional 100 rows and 200 sheet edits for all of your free apps.

What’s an ‘active developer’?

An active developer is someone who signs up, makes an app, and that app is actively used. Any apps count—people do not need to pay to be considered active.
Referrals are only valuable to us if they create active developers—it doesn’t help us if 10 people sign up but don’t make apps, or make apps but do not share them—so we’ve aligned referral credit with referral value.
So, if you refer someone, please also tell them to come here and our community for help! The more help they get, the more likely they are to become and stay active.
Last modified 6mo ago