Glide Pro

When you upgrade an app to Pro:

  • Glide branding is removed

  • You can use your own custom domain name instead of a link

  • You can display up to 25,000 items in your app (25k rows in your sheet). This is not a hard limit, but above this your app may slow

  • You can store up to 10GB of images and other files

  • The Buy Button transaction fee drops to 2%, in addition to Stripe's fees

  • You are able to use Background Refresh in your apps

  • You can use Email Whitelist

  • You can display up to 1,000 address-based pins per map.

  • You can build apps from sheets stored in G Suite Shared Drives so your organization has access to your app's data.

Upgrading your app to Pro

To upgrade an app to Pro, choose Upgrade App in Glide