When does my app update?

Changes to the data in your sheet—changes to cells, adding or remove rows—are synced to apps within three minutes, although sometimes these changes will happen immediately.

Changes to the layout of your apps—changing components, themes, or other settings—can take up to 10 minutes to appear in existing apps, but should be available immediately for new users.

Changes to your app icon or splash screen often will not appear in existing apps unless the app is reinstalled. Android and iOS save your app's icon and splash screen when you add the app to your homescreen, and often will not refresh until the app is re-added.

Changes that are added within the app sync back up to your sheet in seconds.

If you are in the builder and would like to see the changes you have made in your sheet immediately, you can hit 'Reload sheet'.

If my app gets a lot of traffic, will Glide be able to handle it?

Yes. Glide scales with your app, so there is no difference if a hundred, a thousand, or a million people open your app at the same time. All of them will be able to access it.

Can Glide make web apps, in addition to mobile apps?

Glide apps automatically work on any mobile device, tablet, laptop, desktop, television, or any device with an up-to-date web browser. However, when viewed on a large screen—your laptop, for example—your app maintains a mobile layout, although it works nonetheless.

We plan to introduce layouts for tablet and web in the coming months.