System Requirements

Browser requirements (builder)

When you're making your app in the builder, it's best to use the latest version of following browsers. Glide currently supports the following:

  • Chrome 60 or newer

  • Safari 11 or newer

  • Firefox 60 or newer

Other browsers may work (particularly Chromium based browsers) but we recommend using one of the above for maximum compatibility. Glide currently does not support:

  • Microsoft Edge (When the new Chromium-based Edge is released, we plan to support that)

  • Internet Explorer

  • Opera Mini

Browser requirements (apps)

When using Glide apps on phones, we officially support

  • Chrome on Android

  • Safari on iOS

Phone operating systems

  • Android Oreo 8.0.0 or newer

  • iOS 11 or newer

No other phones are officially supported

Screen sizes

Minimum screen size for the builder

When you're making your app in the builder, Glide works best on a 11 inch screen or larger.

Phones VS Tablets

Currently Glide apps render best on phones. If Glide thinks that the screen viewing the app is from a tablet or desktop then it will render the play page

The play page for apps viewed on tablet or desktop

However, there is naturally a crossover where you have some phones that are big enough to be tablets and tablets that are small enough to be phones.

Glide is pretty good at detecting the difference, but if you come across a device which isn't rendering the correct view (e.g a large phone which is showing the play page) then contact us and we will be able to make sure Glide recognizes this type of device in future.