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If you're new to app creation then you're likely to encounter some terminology in Glide's documentation that will be new to you.
Below are some of the most common 'new' words that people encounter when learning Glide.

'Record' or 'List item'

A row in a table that appears as a single item in a list. For example, the below list shows two list items


Also called 'Spreadsheet Document' or 'Google Sheet'
The actual document in your Google drive which contains all your different sheets. This is the document that contains the data that appears in your Glide App. A spreadsheet can contain multiple sheets.


Also called 'Tab' or 'Table'
A 'sheet' is one single page of a spreadsheet. It can also be called a tab or a table, although we try to not use the word 'tab' as this word is used specifically in Glide Apps to denote a menu item.


You can have list screens, details screens, form screens, add screens and edit screens.
    List screens display multiple rows as list items or 'records' and you can choose different layouts for these.
    Details screens display the data for an entire row in your sheet using componentsโ€‹
    A form screen opens when you trigger a formโ€‹
    Add screens appear when you enable adding for your users
    Edit screens appear when you enable editing for your users
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