August 5, 2019

Learn to Glide, add videos from Google Drive and link to screen action

🚧 New, more powerful templates

All new, more powerful templates including Expense Reporter, Instagram, Restaurant Guide, Simple CRM, Conference, and Personal Budget.

Your dashboard now shows a neat grid layout for all your apps with the app's URL, analytics, and search. Just begin typing the name of your app and hit enter to open.

πŸŽ“Learn to Glide

We've collected our latest tutorials into a new section of the website, dedicated to helping you learn to Glide. Get watching! 🍿🎞️

You can change the gallery grid to be a 2, 3, or 4 column grid. Try this out in our new template and build your own Instagram!​

We have a new action called Link to Screen. You can enable this action on buttons and images, and it will open a sheet. For example, here's our community app, which has only two tabs. On the home screen, it uses a details layout and images with the Link to Screen action. This is an excellent way of creating a one-page navigation system.

πŸ’¬ Improved comment appearance

πŸ’ Other updates & improvements

  • Add videos from Google Drive

  • Pick different skin tones in the emoji picker

  • Dates & times now show in the appropriate format for the user's location

  • The device preview scales proportionately rather than squishing on small screens

  • Users must verify email before commenting or chatting (less spam!)

  • More consistent Cancel/Done/Add/Submit buttons

  • Fixed a bug where numbers with trailing zeroes (e.g. 1.50) were written to your sheet as text