Adding images

How to add and host images properly for your app.

There are many ways to add images to your app, but we recommend drag-and-drop!


You can drag-and-drop images where you want them to appear in your app. This will upload the image to Glide and write a URL of the hosted image file into your spreadsheet.

But before we do this, we need to prepare our sheet so that Glide knows where to add the links to the images it hosts for you.

This is super easy, we just add a column in our sheet called image, photo, picture, “crayon masterpiece”... whatever you want.

Glide caches images so they load quickly. Once an app has loaded an image, it will not re-download that image unless the URL in your spreadsheet changes. Keep this in mind for images that change, like charts.

Certain images, like chart images from Google Sheets will update once per hour.

Glide supports JPG PNG GIF image files. Occasionally other file types may work (like PDF), but we do not fully support them.

IMAGE formula

Google Sheets has an IMAGE formula to display images in cells. This formula is not supported in Glide—IMAGE(URL) will not work, but URL will.


You can use Dropbox share links to display images:

Google Drive

You can also use share links for images in Google Drive in your Google Sheets as images within Glide.

Creating a link to an image in Google Drive
  1. Open Share settings for the image.

  2. Make sure Anyone with the link can view the file.

  3. Copy the link.

  4. Paste it into your sheet.


Upload the image to Imgur (click "New post" in the top left), and once the image is uploaded, right click on it, select "Copy address", and then paste it into your sheet.

To learn more about working with images in Glide, check out our in-depth guide.​

If you use another hosting source for your images, make sure that the URL uses SSL. In other words https:// and not http://. In many instances http:// urls can be blocked by your phone.