Editing and deleting

Allow users to edit the data in your app.

You can enable editing on any detail page. Click on one of the items in your list, head over to 'Edit' in the right hand panel and then tick 'Allow users to edit'.

On the right, you can now see a different set of components which are your Edit Components. Glide will automatically generate these for you based on the columns in your sheet. You can remove edit components for columns you don't want to be editable and also change the type of component.

For example, if you wanted users to be able to upload their own images, you would add an Image Picker. Or if you wanted people to pick a date, you could add a date picker.

Glide apps do not have permissions yet, so if you'd like some users to be able to edit and some users not to, you can create two apps for the same sheet, and only enable editing in one of them.

Deleting items

Underneath the checkbox that enables editing is another checkbox which enables users to delete items.

This will clear the corresponding row in the sheet, but not delete the row.

To learn more about adding, editing & deleting - checkout our tutorial here.

A powerful feature you can also enable is conditional edit & deleting. Learn more below 👇