Sharing your app


Be sure to configure your app's URL before sharing it.

Configure your app URL before sharing, and don't change the URL once you've shared or your users will lose access to the app.

Before sharing your app, configure your app URL. Click on the Share App button on the Glide editor. If you haven't published your app yet, click on Publish App. Once you publish, you can now configure your App URL.

This allows you to pick an easy-to-remember URL like for your app.

Allow people to copy your app as a template

You can allow people to copy your app in your app's settings. This allows anyone to make a copy of your spreadsheet and a copy of your app, just like when you duplicate your own app.

This feature effectively allows you to create your own templates. Maybe you've made a useful app for your chess club, and you'd like other chess clubs to benefit from having their own version of your app. First, ensure that your app and sheet do not have any private information (e.g. make a 'dummy' version of your app with fake information). Then, allow others to copy your app in your app's settings. Finally, share your app link so others can click Copy this app to make their own copy.