Per-user data / Preview as

Show different data to different users

Your app must use Public with email or Email whitelist sign-in options to display per-user data. Glide uses the email address of the current user to filter the data they see.

Glide can filter data based on the current user. It does this by matching the email address the user signed in with, against a column of email addresses in your sheet, showing only those rows containing the current user's email.

For example, suppose you have a table of hobbies:
















River rafting




By default, all users of your app see the same list:

However, you can Filter this list so that users will only see their hobbies—hobbies with their email address in the Email column.

Change your app's privacy settings

To use email filtering, your app needs to have Public with email or Email whitelist as its privacy setting. You can find this in the Settings area of Glide.

Add a new filter to your list

After you've set this up, head to the features tab and add a new filter which filters only rows where the email column has the email of the signed in user.

Preview as

Once you've applied this filter you can use the Preview as setting on the left hand side of Glide to preview your app as each different user will see it. Just put their email in the box and you'll see exactly what they'll see

Now John, Sarah, and Jules all see different hobbies when they use the app:

What John sees
What Sarah sees
What Jules sees
What John sees
What Sarah sees
What Jules sees