Managing Columns

Adding and Deleting Columns

To add new columns to your sheet or table, click on the (+) icon on the right-hand side of the Data Editor. You can add different types of columns to your table, depending on your data.
To delete a column, click on the drop-down button to the right side of the column name and click on Delete.
If you are using a Google Sheet as your data source, note that some columns created in Glide may not be reflected in your original data source. To understand more, read about Basic Columns & Computed columns below ๐Ÿ‘‡

Renaming Columns

To rename a column, click on the drop-down button to the right of the column header and click on Edit Or double-click on the column header to quickly open the dialog box. From there, you can edit Name and other properties such as Type.

Reordering Columns

You can reorder columns by dragging the column header toward the right or left side.

Find All Uses

The Find Uses option allows you to locate all the areas in your app where a specific column is in use. You can locate which computed columns, components, and screens contain your chosen column.
Click on the "go/arrow" button to jump to that specific column, component, or screen.
Find All Uses Option

Go to Column

If you're in a column dropdown menu and want to quickly jump to that column in the Data Editor, you can click the arrow next to the column's name.

Column Grouping

You can group columns to better manage them in dropdown menus.
To set this up, just rename the columns with the group name, a slash, and then the column name Group/Column. For example Properties/Multiple Relation, Properties/No. of Properties, Property ID, etc.
If your group names have emojis at the start, these will show up instead as the Group Icon.

Duplicate Column

To duplicate a column, click on the drop-down button to the right of the column header and click on Duplicate. This will allow you to build more efficiently and quicker.
Duplicate column

Data Tab

The Layout area of Glide has its own mini Data Editor, which we call the Data Tab. Instead of showing you all your apps data, the Data Tab just shows you the data for the current screen โ€“ย which can be very useful. You can read more about it here
Having the Data Tab not only allows us to access our data faster, but it also allows us to drag and drop data from the Data Tab straight into our Layout, this creates an Action Text component. To do this, click and hold the Column title and drag it into the Layout as shown below. This is useful for quickly seeing how the data will look in your app.
Drag & Drop