User-specific columns
User-Specific Columns allow cells to hold unique Data for each user. This means each user can experience their own data for a particular item.
For example, in the table below there is a column for User notes. This allows users to write their own notes on each item in the app.โ€‹
Without User-Specific Columns, this note would appear to everyone else who can see that row. And if someone else changed that note, it would change for everyone else. Obviously not ideal!
Instead, we can make the notes column User-Specific and tie the Notes Component to that column.
Now, when users make notes in this section those notes will be specific to them. In other words, that single cell will contain a unique value for each user.โ€‹


User-Specific Columns require a Row ID Column. If you try to create a user-specific column without Row IDs Glide will prompt you to add one.โ€‹

Creating user-specific columns

User-Specific Columns live in the Data Editor only. They don't live in your sheet.
To create a user-specific column, first, create a Basic Column and then tick Column is user-specific in the column's configuration.
This will create a new empty column in the Data Editor, ready for you or your users to add their own data.โ€‹

Previewing user-specific data

To preview User-Specific Data, you can use View As. This will show you the user's data in the Layout Editor as well as in the User-Specific Columns in the Data Editor.