Glide Library
Other new features
Glide Pages not only includes new components but also introduces some other new features and functionalities. Let's start with the features that we can find under Settings.


We can set the checkbox Show sidebar to true, which turns our menu into a sidebar. There is also a 'Live Mode' button, that will remove the side panels and allow you to preview your Page in full-screen mode.
Show Sidebar & Live Mode


The other major update we can find is under 'Privacy' settings. Now we have three sign-in options
  • None: Anyone can view your app
  • Required: People have to sign in to use your app
  • and Optional: People can choose to sign in or not
and under Who can sign-in? we can choose from
  • Only team members
  • Only users with emails in table
  • and Anyone.
Privacy settings

Phone, Tablet & Computer view

As Glide Pages is intended to be used on large screens, we now have the possibility to preview on phone, tablet, and computer. In addition to this, we can enlarge the screen size by dragging the side.
Last modified 3mo ago