Tap to perform an action

Buttons can be configured to trigger different actions when your users tap them. You can make a button perform almost any Simple Action like Send a Text, Send Email or Open a Link or create your own, multi-step Custom Actions.

Visual Style

The button has a Title and Icon. It also has various styles that you can choose from - including a Floating Button which will float at the bottom right of your app.

The color of the button is defined by your themeโ€™s accent color and canโ€™t at the moment be configured individually.

Button Action

Use the Features tab of the button component to choose an action for your button. Each action will require a different type of data from your spreadsheet.

  • Most actions such as Open link, Send email, Copy to clipboard, or Dial phone number will require you to choose a corresponding target column in your spreadsheet. Content for those columns should match the desired action. For example:

    • Send email will require an email address such as [email protected]

    • Dial phone number and Send text message will require a phone number, ideally formatted with the countryโ€™s code +14153407257

    • Open map for address will require an address, e.g 55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA

    • Link to screen will require you to link a different tab in your spreadsheet.

    • Zapier will trigger the Zapier functionality.

    • Show form is another way of triggering the Form button functionality.