Tap to perform an action

Buttons can be configured to trigger different actions when your users tap them. You can make a button:

  • Copy to clipboard

  • Dial a phone number

  • Link to a screen

  • Open a link

  • Open web view

  • Send an email

  • Send a text message

  • Show a form

  • Show sharing options

  • View address on a map

  • Trigger Zapier


Here's a walkthrough on how you can add buttons to your app:

You can then change the design for your button based on the provided options.

Button Style Options

The color of the button is defined by your theme’s accent color and can’t at the moment be configured individually.

Use the Features tab of the button component to choose an action for your button. Each action will require a different type of data from your spreadsheet.

  • Most actions such as Open link, Send email, Copy to clipboard, or Dial phone number will require you to choose a corresponding target column on your spreadsheet. Content for those columns should match the desired action. For example:

    • Send email will require an email address such as hello@glideapps.com

    • Dial phone number and Send text message will require a phone number, ideally formatted with the country’s code +14153407257

    • Open map for address will require an address, e.g 55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA

    • Link to screen will require you to link a different tab in your spreadsheet.

    • Zapier will trigger the Zapier functionality.

    • Show form is another way of triggering the Form button functionality.