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Add payment capabilities to your apps

When your app is Pro, Glide charges a 2% fee on top of Stripe's transaction fees. If your app is free, Glide charges a 10% fee on top of Stripe's transaction fees.

Tracking your sales

After a user completes a successful checkout, Glide will automatically populate a new row in a separate sheet called 'App: Purchases'. Each row will contain all the information about the details of the purchase, including the SKU of the item.

Here you will also find the Processor Link which will take you to that transaction in Stripe. Here you can issue a refund if necessary.

'App: Purchases' sheet example

Restricted Businesses

Stripe restricts certain categories of businesses from accepting payments, including:

  • Investment & credit services

  • Money and legal services

  • Virtual currency or stored value

Be sure to review the list of restricted business categories.