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Add payment capabilities to your apps

When your app is Pro, Glide charges a 2% fee on top of Stripe's transaction fees. If your app is free, Glide charges a 10% fee on top of Stripe's transaction fees.

The Buy Button allows users to make payments directly within your app.

This video features an old UI but will be updated soon.

Setting up payments

In the process of adding the Buy Button for the first time, you'll connect to your Stripe account to enable payment processing.

Configuring the checkout screen

The Buy Button has a number of properties that you can configure:

  • Name is the name of the item that appears at the top

  • Description is the text that appears underneath the item's name

  • Image is the item's image

  • SKU refers to the Stock Keeping Unit, a number assigned to a product and used to identify its price and details.

  • Price is the price displayed at the bottom of the page, and the actual price your users will be charged for the item.

Shipping Address

If the item you're selling requires shipping, you can enable the Require shipping address option for your checkout screen.


Changing the button's label

You can edit the label of the Buy Button by changing its Label property.

Tracking your sales

After a user completes a successful checkout, Glide will automatically populate a new row in a separate sheet called 'App: Purchases'. Each row will contain all the information about the details of the purchase, including the SKU of the item.

'App: Purchases' sheet example

Restricted Businesses

Stripe restricts certain categories of businesses from accepting payments, including:

  • Investment & credit services

  • Money and legal services

  • Virtual currency or stored value

Be sure to review the list of restricted business categories.

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