An email address that you can tap to send an email

The Email component creates an email link in your app that users can tap to send an email. Simply connect the To field in Glide with the column in your sheet which contains your email.

Extra Fields

The Email component creates a mailto link. This is a rich email link which allows you automatically pre-populate the content of people's email with info like subject, bcc etc. Here's an example!​

Glide gives you access to configuring these parts of the mailto link in the other fields, but they are optional:

  1. Subject = sets the subject text of the email

  2. Body = allows you to add to the main text of your email

  3. CC = copy the email to another address

  4. BCC = secretly copy the email to another address

If you wanted to utilise all of these, your sheet might look like this:

And after you'd bound all the columns to the right properties in Glide...

...the email link that people would be visiting would be: