Organize sections of a page

If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then the Separator component is sophistication's ultimate expression. The Separator has the power to turn this avalanche of complexity:

Into this perfectly balanced cairn of components:

Precisely one pixel thin, 15% opaque, and perfectly orthogonal to the vertical axis, Separator is a modern marvel of software engineering. No expense was spared to ensure its pinpoint geometry and painstaking compliance to the highest aesthetic standards:

A naive observer could almost be forgiven for mistaking the Separator for a vulgar line, but it's infinitely more than that. By separating that which comes before from that which comes after, it has the audacity to interrupt the natural cascade of components and grant the beleaguered user a brief respite. Like Moses parting the Red Sea, it appears imbued with supernatural potency.

Its greatest triumph lies (or, rather, does not lie) in its configuration:

There's no need to schedule an emergency appointment with your optometrist—you are seeing this image correctly: the Separator has no configuration whatsoever. A tour de force!