Inline list

An inline collection of related items

The Inline List presents lists of items inline - so you can show other components above or below it including other inline lists.

Data source

An inline list can pull its data from either a sheet or a multiple relation column. When you choose a sheet as a data source, the list will show all the rows in that sheet by default. When you choose a multiple relation as the source, the list will show all of the items that match in that relation.

Switching between a relation and a sheet as a data source


Whether you're pulling your data from a relation or a sheet you can filter that data using the filter feature. Navigate to the features section of the inline list and add one or more filters to your data. In the image below we're using an inline list to show the top managers at a company. To create the filter we add a condition on the Top manager column to only show items where the value in that column is 'Yes'.


You can use most layout types with inline lists, although there are some limitations.

Using the tiles layout with the inline list is particularly powerful as it allows you to use horizontal scrolling.

Glide's Advanced Conference template uses three inline lists with horizontal scrolling on the home screen

Only show a few items

On the List, Compact list and Checklist layouts you can reduce the number of items that are shown by clicking 'Only Show a Few Items'. When you do this, the list will be reduced to four items and a new button 'See all' will be added which takes you to a new screen with the full list. This new screen can be styled distinctly from the short list.