Inline list

An inline collection of related items

The Inline List can present lists of items in other parts of your spreadsheet.

It can do this in two ways:

  1. Relating to a column

  2. Relating to a sheet

If you want to only relate to some rows in a sheet, then you need to relate to a column using a relation column. If you want to bring in all rows then you can relate to a sheet.


The inline list is like the List Relation but displays the list of related items on the page where you place it — rather than on a separate page.

It acts and is setup almost exactly like the Relation component — the only addition being that you check the box 'Match Multiple' when adding your Relation Column.


If you want to simply bring in all the rows from a particular sheet to your Inline List, then choose the sheet from the dropdown menu.

List layout types

You can use most Layouts with inline lists.

At the moment, when using the map layout for inline lists you can't allow users to toggle between map & list view.