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Inline list
An inline collection of related items
The Inline List presents lists of items inline - so we can show other components above or below it including other inline lists.
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Data source

An Inline list can pull its data from either a table or a multi relation. When we choose a table as a data source, the list will show all the rows in that table by default. When we choose a Multiple relation as the source, the list will show all of the items that match in that relation. With both of these, we can of course apply Filtering.


We can use most layout types with inline lists, although there are some limitations.
In the Options tab, the inline list has a grouping section that allows us to group our items by a particular column. For example, below we group the staff members by their location.
Using the Tiles or Cards layout with the inline list is particularly powerful as it allows us to use horizontal scrolling.

Limiting & See All

We can limit the number of items displayed on a list and we can choose when the See All button appears.
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