Filter your lists based on criteria

By default, your lists show all the rows coming from your data source (your data source could be a sheet or a relation column). However, you can filter the rows that appear in your list. You can also enable in-app filtering so that users can change the filtering themselves.

Filtering from the builder

Filter allows you to exclude items from your lists based on different criteria. Users will not be able to see items that you filter out of a list. For example, in the app below we add a filter that shows only the employees where the Is Manager column contains 'Yes'.

Please note that filtering is not a security feature. If you use it, the app can still download filtered data. If your app has private or sensitive data then you should use Row Owners.

The filter is created by checking certain criteria on a column in your sheet. In the above example we have a list of employees. Some are managers, some are not. We have a column in our sheet that identifies Top Managers and then values in that column of Yes and No.

In Glide, we select that column as the Filter column, and then choose the criteria by which we are filtering.

You use the same sheet as a source in multiple tabs and then filter each one in different ways. For example, the app below shows the same staff list in three different tabs. Each tab has the same exact source sheet, but each one is filtered to show only those with a different diet.

You can use Filter with Inline Lists and List Relations​

Multiple filters

You can use multiple filters on a list with AND + OR logic. In the example below we add two filters to our list of hotels to show only hotels in London or Vienna.

  • Location IS 'London' OR

  • Location is 'Vienna'

In-app filtering

You can also enable in-app filtering for your users so they can change the items that are displayed in the list. This is particularly useful for long lists of items. In the example below we enable in app filtering based on the Location column which allows users to see only the hotels in certain locations.