Calendar layout

List items in date order on a calendar layout

Calendar is one of Glide's list layouts, and it's great for displaying data with date/time properties.

For example, if you have a table of interviews containing dates you can display those interviews with the calendar layout:

Formatting dates to work with the calendar

If your date is not formatted correctly, the calendar will display 12:00 AM for the time. Please use this format: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMAM/PM.

Calendar with inline list

You can also use the Calendar layout with the Inline List component to display a convenient inline calendar. Here we show a calendar of interviews on a candidate's detail page:


At the bottom of the features tab on the right side panel is the Action section. By default, all lists have the action Link detail screen enabled. This means that when you tap on a list item you will go to that item's Details Screen.

However, you can disable this action and prevent your list items from doing this.

The calendar layout wonโ€™t appear if you have no date column in your spreadsheet.