Swipe Layout

The Swipe Layout creates floating cards for each of your items that users can swipe off the screen. When a card is swiped it goes to the 'back' of the pile, regardless of whether the swipe is left or right.

Save last swipe

The Swipe Layout requires a 'Save last swipe' column which records the last swipe for an item. This can be set to a Basic Column or a User-specific Column. If you don't set this value – you will not be able to swipe your list.

Swiping between different list items updates the 'Last swipe time' column in your table

Save last swipe to a Basic Column

Above, you can see the Last swipe time is set to a basic column in our Google Sheet. However, it's important to note that, if you use a basic column that's not user-specific, all users will share the same progress and when they log-in, they will see the list has moved to another item that they did not swipe to.

Save last swipe to a User-specific Column

If you want the Swipe layout to be specific to each user, then you should use User-specific columns. After you set a User-specific Date/Time column for the 'Last swipe time', the layout will remember each user's last position.

Assigning the Last swiped value to a normal Google Sheet column will also quickly use up your sheet edit quotas if you are on a Personal or Basic plan. Alternatively, to avoid this – you could use a Glide Table.

Swipe actions

The power of the Swipe Layout comes when you apply Actions to the left & right swipes. In the Features panel of the Swipe Layout's configuration, you'll find two dropdown menus; 'Left Action' & 'Right Action'. Using these, you can make the swipes interact and affect your app's data.

The features panel of the Swipe Layout's configuration

By default, the right action is set to View Details, but you can change this to any action you see in the list.

Swipe condition

You can set conditions on whether users can swipe or not. You can find this at the bottom of the Features panel in the layout's settings. Learn more about conditions.

At the moment we don't support sorting with the swipe layout. The sort order is currently controlled by the date/time column.