Chat tab

Add a new tab to your app where users can chat with each other

You can enable Chat in any app in the Navigation settings, just drag it from the hidden tabs section into either the tabs or app menu.

This adds a Chat tab where anyone can post messages and comments:

Everyone using your app sees the same messages. You cannot edit chat messages once they are posted, but you as the administrator of the app can delete them.

Deleting messages

To delete chat messages, click and hold on any message. This will allow you to then select multiple messages and delete them. This can only be done in the Glide builder.

This will delete the messages from the app but they will remain in the Google Sheet unless you delete them there.

Where are chat messages stored?

Chat messages are exported to your sheet in the App: Comments sheet where comments are also exported. They are not synchronized with your sheet like other data, so deleting or editing exported chat messages will not have any effect on your app.