Sort your lists based on criteria

By default, your list items show in the same order as the rows in your sheet. However, you can use sort to change this order. You can also enable in app sorting so that users can change the sorting themselves.

Default sort

In Layout / Features under 'Sort' you'll see the following text.

Clicking on this text will allow you to customize the way your list is sorted. When you click on this you will see a dropdown and two direction controls.

In addition to the default Sheet Order option, this dropdown menu will contain a Random sort and then all the columns in your sheet. If you choose another column then your list will be sorted by that column Alphabetically or Numerically - depending on the data in that column. At any time, you can reverse the order of your current sort by clicking the up or down arrows on the right.

Sorting can make more sense of the data in your lists. For example, the app below shows a list of sales reps sorted by deals closed this quarter.

You can also use sort in Inline Lists and List Relations.

In app sorting

You can also enable in app sorting for your users so they can change the order of your lists based of different columns. In the example below we allow users to sort the list by the Location and Price columns.