Hide or show things based on different conditions

You can set conditions on components and tabs for when they should be visible. For example, you could show a component only if the current user type is 'Admin'.

Please note that conditions are not a security feature. If you use them, the app can still download filtered or hidden data. If your app has private or sensitive data then you should use Row Owners.

Component Visibility

Component visibility allows you to hide or show components based on certain conditions. In the app below we have set numerous component visibility rules that make our party invitation dynamic, depending on the RSVP of the user.

To copy the app above visit the template here​

To set a condition on a component's visibility, head to the Features tab in the component's settings. There you will be able to add a condition based on the data in your sheet. Once you add this condition, the component may disappear from the app's screen, but you can still access it on the right-hand side of Glide.

On the first screen of our form below we can initially see only one component. However, on the right-hand side panel, we can see all our hidden components ready to show when their conditions are met.

If you find yourself using lots of visibility conditions to make each list item unique – then you can consider using independent screen configuration instead.

Tab Visibility

You can hide and show different tabs based on User Profile data. For example, if you have a look at our Feature Requests App, you'll see 3 tabs.

The feature requests tab from a normal user's point of view

However, to allow administrators to process these feature requests we have two other tabs that have visibility conditions set on them. These tabs only show when the logged-in user's Admin property is TRUE.

To learn how to add properties to users check out User Profiles.

Revealing the hidden tabs in the feature requests app

You can add conditions in the Features section of each tab 👇

The visibility condition on a tab

Other conditions

Conditions are also used in edit screens and filters and in the If Then Else column.