Screen columns

Submit existing column values on behalf of the user.

Column values allow you to submit existing values of the current item along with the user's submission. For example, in the app below the Title and Price of the item get passed into the sheet with the form submission without the user having to do anything.

When you submit a form you ask users to fill in data and this gets sent to your sheet. Sometimes those forms are within list items that contain data that's relevant to the form that's being submitted and this is where column values are useful.

For example, the app below is an app for a store. Users can browse items and buy them with the Buy Button. But they can also submit a form to ask questions about the item they are looking at.

When they tap 'Ask a question' a form is triggered and the submissions go to our submissions sheet.

In the example above, this form is obviously not that helpful as the owner of the app won't know which item the user is referring to. The owner of the app could create multiple Text fields that ask the user which item they are referring to but that is not a great user experience.

Instead, we can pass column values from the item itself into the form so that when a form is submitted, the name, price and any other details about that item gets submitted with the form.

When you customize the components within a form, you will be able to choose normal components, special values AND 'Column Values'. The column values will be every column in that sheet and therefore will always be different, depending on the columns in that sheet.

Here we can see that our column values are Product, Description, Price and Picture 1, because those are the columns in the sheet that our Form button is located in.

Simply add these columns to your form when you are customizing it and make sure that they are matched with an empty column in your submissions sheet. Then, when your form is submitted, these column values will be passed along with the submission so it's clear which item the form was submitted in.

Adding column values and special values to a form can make the experience very simple for your users and also pass a lot of useful information to your sheet.