Upgrading an App
When you create a free app with Glide, there are limits on what you can do with the app. To do more, you can choose to upgrade an app.
To help you decide on the best upgrade option, check out our Pricing Guide here:

Basic vs. Pro

To upgrade, click on the "Upgrade" button on Glide and choose a plan that best fits your app. You have two options to choose from, Basic or Pro.
There are a number of features separating Basic from Pro Apps. The most notable is the number of rows you have access to: Basic Apps can accommodate up to 5,000 rows while Pro Apps can accommodate up to 25,000 rows. There are also customization options such as custom domains, that are only available for Pro Apps.
Basic vs. Pro Apps

Public vs. Private

After choosing your plan, choose whether you need Public or Private access for your app.
In Public Access, anyone can access your app. However, for Private access, you can limit the sign-in by password or by email.
Public vs. Private Apps
Private apps require a minimum of 20 users. Even if you only have 10 users for your app, this will be counted at minimum of 20.


On the next screen, Glide will provide you with a summary of your billing charges. You can choose to pay yearly which provides you a 25% discount on the annual costs, and you can also redeem a coupon code if you have any.
To avail of the annual billing at 25% off, click on the "Pay Yearly - Save 25%" checkbox on the lower right corner of the screen.
For a seamless checkout process, make sure to update your billing details.