Play & Select Mode
Interact with your app as a user or an editor
When interacting with your app in Glide, there are two modes.
  • Play mode lets you use the app like a user would, clicking on different things to navigate and open screens.
  • Select mode lets you interact with components and tabs from the perspective of their configuration.
You can select the different modes with your mouse in the bottom right, or toggle with Command (Mac) or Control (PC).
When in select mode, clicking a component or tab will take you to that tab's configuration โ€“ making it much quicker to navigate to the settings of each.

Copy-paste components

You can also use the contextual menu to copy-paste components. So if you spend a lot of time configuring a screen in one place (like a Form), you can paste them somewhere else! Additionally, you can use this menu to delete all components on a screen.
Last modified 7mo ago
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