Custom Actions
Build multi-step actions and workflows
Glide's Action Editor
Custom actions are a very new part of Glide. We will be making some significant updates to the Action Editor over the coming months and will be releasing much more documentation on how to work with it. You can also watch our Special Event where Glide CEO David Siegel takes the community through it for the first time.

Creating a custom action

To create a custom action, navigate to the Features tab of a component or List Layout, and under the Action dropdown, click 'Create new action...'. This will open the Action Editor.


The first part of what makes the custom actions powerful is the ability to have sequences of different actions be triggered โ€“ย as opposed to just a single action.
A sequence of three actions which will be triggered one after the other.
  • To add new actions to the flow, hover just underneath an action and click the plus button.
  • To edit actions, click on the action.
  • To re-order actions, click and drag the action.
  • To delete actions, open the action, and click the trash icon.


You may only want a single sequence of actions to be triggered every time, but often you will want to create different scenarios where different actions happen, depending on conditions you set. Therefore, the second dimension in building custom actions is working with Conditions.
To add a condition to one of your sequences, click the plus icon at the top of a sequence.
Adding a condition to an action sequence
Whatever conditions you set here will mean that the action sequence below will only run when your condition is met.
If the condition is not met, the action sequence won't run. However, conditions often need other scenarios to determine what will happen if the initial condition is not met.
To do this, we can add an 'Else' to our condition. With an else added, if the first condition in our action editor is not met, then the actions under the else section will be triggered.
Adding an else to our condition
You can also add many different conditions to your custom action by adding other conditions. To add another condition, click the blue plus icon to the right of an existing condition. This will add a new condition branch where you can add another sequence of actions.