Calendar Layout (Apps)
List items in date order on a calendar layout
The Calendar layout is great for displaying data with date/time properties. For example, if we have a table of events containing dates we can display those with the calendar layout.
Calendar layout


The Calendar layout's configuration
The calendar layout has properties for Title, Description, Start, and End. Our events must have a Title and Start time in order to show up correctly, but the Description & End are optional.
We can also change the sorting for your events and show the oldest events first or the newest.
Like the Map layout, there are two views that users can toggle betweenย โ€“ a List view and a Week view. We can choose which one users see first by selecting it in the Default View section.

Formatting dates to work with the calendar

If our date is not formatted correctly, the calendar will display 12:00 AM for the time. Please use this format: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMAM/PM.
The calendar layout wonโ€™t appear if you don't have a date column in your spreadsheet.