List Layout (Apps)
Display a vertical list of items
The List layout creates a vertical list of items. There are two sizes to the list layout, regular and compact.
Within the regular size layout, there are two variants;
The two variations of the regular sized list layout
  1. 1.
    Title, details & caption on the left, with an image on the right.
  2. 2.
    A circular image on the left, and a title & details on the right.
The list layout will automatically shift between these two variations depending on the properties we select.


Depending on the size we choose, the list layout can have up to four properties that we can connect to the columns in our table. We can find these in the Data section of our side panel.
If we leave the Caption empty, it will trigger the alternate List layout.

Image options

We can show the initials of our list item as a default image if you haven't connected the Image property or we can just show the list without images.
Show title when image is not available
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