An email address that you can tap to send an email
The Email component creates an email link on your app that allows users to send an email.
Adding the Email Component


Once we add the email component, link the To field to the column that contains our email addresses. We can also input a custom email address.
Setting Data for the "To" Field
The email component creates a rich email link. So in addition to the To field, we can also pre-populate additional fields in our email like the subject, cc, etc. Here's an example!โ€‹
Extra Fields for the Email Component
  • Subject = sets the subject text of the email
  • Body = allows us to add to the main text of your email
  • CC = copy the email to another address
  • BCC = secretly copy the email to another address
For each of these additional fields, we can either bind them to specific columns in your table or we can also use custom content.

Sample Configuration

Check out this sample configuration using the data found on this Google Sheet:
Sample Data for Extra Fields
And after we'd bound all the columns to the right properties in Glide, the email link that people would be visiting would be:
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