The stopwatch component lets users track time. It has two properties that you need to configure; a Start Time and Duration. Check out and copy the Run One app which uses the StopWatch component to let you track workouts!
Run One
The start time is a Date/Time value, namely the Date & Time when the user last pressed start or resumed after a pause. This will populate a date to your sheet whilst the stopwatch is running. However, once you pause or stop the stopwatch, that value will be cleared. When you start the stopwatch again, a new date/time value will be added.
The duration is a duration value. When you start the stopwatch, the component shows the duration but it does not yet show a duration value in the sheet. When you pause the stopwatch the duration will be written to the sheet.
You can set both of these properties to a normal, unformatted text column, but you will see this data in your sheet.
If you format these values in Google Sheets (with their respective types) you will see the true Date & Duration.
When you click stop, however, this will clear both these values in the sheet โ€“ ready for the next use of the stopwatch.
The stopwatch's properties can of course be connected to User-Specific Columns. So if you want each user's stopwatch values to be specific to them you should use User-Specific columns.
Check out and copy the Run One template, which uses the Stopwatch in a Form to let you log and track your best workout times!
Run One
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