Lookup Column
Lookup values from another table
This video shows an outdated UI. To see what's new visit https://youtu.be/7UxJzBGc-DI
Lookup Columns give you the ability to pull data from other sheets based on a relation column that youโ€™ve created.
With a lookup column, you can retrieve information from any specified column as long as a relation column exists for that sheet.
To create a lookup column, head to the Data Editor and add a new column. Choose โ€œLookupโ€ from the column types and choose the relation column that best fits your query. Once youโ€™ve chosen a relation column, choose which column you want to pull data from.
Note that if youโ€™re using a multiple relation column, your Lookup Column will also retrieve multiple data.
You can also use the lookup column with multi relations. As an example of how this might be useful, say you wanted to show an Image Carousel of all the employees working in an office. First, you would lookup the Photo column in the Employees multi relation. This would bring back all the employee's images and you could bind the resulting column to an Image component.
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