The Excel Data Source is not publically available yet, but will be coming very soon!
Excel is the most widely used Spreadsheet software in the world. Excel Spreadsheets stored in OneDrive can be integrated with Glide and used as the data source for your projects.
Excel files must be hosted in OneDrive for them to integrate with Glide. They cannot be hosted elsewhere (like Dropbox, etc.)

Integrating Excel with Glide

To use Excel with Glide, you need to connect and authorize your OneDrive.
1. To do this, start by selecting Excel Workbook as a source when creating a project in the Glide Dashboard.
2. Glide will redirect you to your Microsoft account in a new tab. Add your login credentials and sign in.
3. Once signed in, youโ€™ll then be asked to grant Glide permission to access your OneDrive files, where your Excel Workbook is stored.
To learn more about Glide Excel Integration security, see here.
4. Once confirmed, youโ€™ll be redirected back to the Glide Dashboard. Now that Glide has been granted access, you can browse and select the Excel Workbook youโ€™d like as the database for this project.

Row IDs

Glide will auto-generate Row IDs for each table in your Workbook. Do not remove these. They are used to ensure Glide syncs accurately with Excel rows.
Inside the Glide Data Editor, youโ€™ll see your Excel Workbookโ€™s tables displayed just like Google Sheets or Glide Tables. From here, you can start editing, adding, and computing your data.

Multiple Data Sources

You can add more than one data source for projects.
Letโ€™s say you have an Excel Workbook as your main data source for a project. You can also add additional tables from Google Sheets, Airtable as well as Glide Tables.
This means you can synchronize data across multiple platforms, bringing everything together in one place.
For example, you can create a Relation column connecting a column in your Excel Workbook with a column in a Google Sheet or Glide Table.
To add a table from another data source:
  • Click the + symbol in the Tables panel
  • Choose from Google Sheet, Airtable or create a New empty Glide Table

Integration Security for Enterprises

If your One Drive is managed by your organization, you may need to get an admin to grant additional permissions.
Firstly, your Excel file must be saved to OneDrive / Microsoft365 online storage.
An IT admin will need to approve Glide permissions to the permitted Microsoft user to:
  • Sign in and read the user profile
  • Have full access to user files
  • Maintain access to data that has given it access to
If they're worried about whole drive access for the user that is thinking about syncing their Microsoft account, they could make another 'Glide only Microsoft user' on Microsoft's side, link that to Glide, and only share the files with that Microsoft user. This will firewall Glide to that user's whole drive.