Glide Tables
Glide Tables are like Google Sheets, but they live in Glide and have some exciting properties:
  • They can hold much more data than a Google Sheet.
  • You can share tables between apps.
  • They donโ€™t cause sheet edits/sheet reloads.
There are also some limitations
  • They are not yet as easy to edit as your Google Sheet.
  • Only basic columns and user-specific columns are shared when you share a Glide Table between appsโ€”computed columns are not yet shared with the table.

Creating a new app from a Glide Table

You can create Glide Apps with only Glide Tables. Just click 'new app' and select 'Glide Tables' as the source.
For now, you can't add Google Sheets as an additional source once you've created a new app this wayย โ€“ย but this will change in the future.

Adding a Glide Table

To add a Glide table, click the plus icon in the left corner of the Data Editor and select Add New Glide Table.
Glide will create a new table for you with an auto-generated name. To change the name, click on the table's name to edit the name directly.
To unlink the Glide Table, right click on the table and select "Unlink table from app".
Unlinking a Glide Table

Linking a Glide Table

To link an existing Glide Table to your app, click the plus icon in the bottom right of the Data Editor and select 'Link to Glide Table'. This will bring up a modal where you can search through all your existing Glide Tables.