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App reload issues
Sometimes you may receive an email from us explaining that Glide is having problems accessing your sheet or reloading your app. Below is some more detail about these potential issues and what you can do about it.

No access

When you first create an app, you have to pick it in the Google Drive picker.
The Google Drive File Picker
This gives Glide access to your sheet. However, sometimes Glide may lose this access. To remedy the problem, you can go to your settings and replace the sheet (with the same sheet).
This is weird, we know - but the act of picking the sheet in the Google Drive picker is the only way Glide gets its access permissions restored. If the data in your sheet hasn't changed since you lost access - this should restore things to normal.


Sometimes you might be informed that your sheet has become incompatible with your app. In other words, columns and data that were tied to components no longer exist in your sheet and so Glide cannot display them accurately.
When you open the app in Glide and click "Reload sheet", you'll be able to review the issues. Here you can 'Remove features & sync' โ€“ which will remove the components tied to those columns.
Alternatively, if you remember or can restore the structure of the data exactly โ€“ do so and then reload the sheet. Glide should be able to find those columns and sync as normal.


Sometimes reloads of apps will timeout when the spreadsheet is very large. Generally speaking 25,000 rows is the upper limit of performance for Glide apps. Try to delete data in the spreadsheet that's not used in the app, as well as empty rows and columns.
We are going to be releasing Native Glide Sheets soon, which will remove the 25,000 row limit significantly and mean you won't need to rely on Google Sheets as the only data source for your app.

Too Many Requests

The cause of this is that Glide is hitting Google Sheet's request limits. This could be temporary and caused by a variety of things. If it persists, please get in touch with us.

Oh Sheet! Error

There are times where you may also encounter an Oh Sheet! Error. When this happens, you can follow the steps below:

Delete Empty Rows and Columns

To solve this problem, log out of your Glide account. Open your Google Sheet in Drive and delete all empty rows and columns from each tab of the spreadsheet linked to the app. Log back into Glide and try the reload again.

Other Fixes

For unknown reasons to us, sometimes Google revokes access permission to a sheet and the Glide app can't get at it via the API.
There are two ways to fix this:
  1. 1.
    Make a copy of the Google Sheet and go the in the builder go to Settings/Data Sync Data Sources and change to that new sheet.
  2. 2.
    Create another app selecting that Google sheet which will reset the permissions on the sheet. Your original app should now be able to access the sheet and you can delete that temporary app.
The latter solves the Oh Sheet! error or Data syncing errors in most cases.


It's not clear what the cause of this issue is. If it persists, please get in touch with us.
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