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Updating your app & data
How your app and Google sheets stay in sync.
Manual changes to the data in your sheet—when a person edits values in cells, adds or removes rows, etc.—are synced to apps within three minutes, although sometimes these changes will happen immediately.
Automatic changes to the data in your sheet—e.g. updates caused by formulas like TODAY, IMPORTXML, IMPORTRANGE, etc.; or changes caused by services like Zapier or Integromat—do not cause your app to update (see Background Refresh below). This is because Google Sheets only notifies Glide of changes made by people, and does not notify Glide of changes made by formulas or services.
Changes to the layout of your apps—changing components, themes, or other settings—can take up to 10 minutes to appear in existing apps, but should be available immediately for new users.
Changes to your app icon or splash screen often will not appear in existing apps unless the app is reinstalled. Android and iOS save your app's icon and splash screen when you add the app to your home screen, and often will not refresh until the app is re-added.
Changes to images used in your app only update when the image URL changes. Replacing an image at the same URL will not cause users who have already downloaded the image to see the new image. There is a special case when using published chart images from Google Sheets—those will update every hour.
Changes that are added within the app sync back up to your sheet in seconds.
If you are in the builder and would like to see the changes you have made in your sheet immediately, you can hit 'Reload sheet'.

Refresh (Pro)

In free apps, Glide refreshes your app data from the spreadsheet whenever the spreadsheet is manually edited. Therefore, if you use formulas that produce different values at different times without requiring manual edits, such as NOW, IMPORTRANGE, or GOOGLEFINANCE, your app data will not stay up-to-date.
With Pro & Private Pro Apps, you can tell Glide to periodically refresh your data while editing or using the app no matter whether there was a manual edit or not, so those formulas will stay up-to-date.
Note that due to the way Google Sheets works, if you use an IMPORTRANGE, and the spreadsheet that is imported used something like NOW or GOOGLEFINANCE, that imported data can still be out of date.
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