Glide Library
General FAQs

When does my app update?

If my app gets a lot of traffic, will Glide be able to handle it?

Yes. Glide scales with your app, so there is no difference if a hundred, a thousand, or a million people open your app at the same time. All of them will be able to access it.

Can Glide make web apps, in addition to mobile apps?

Glide apps automatically work on any mobile device, tablet, laptop, desktop, television, or any device with an up-to-date web browser. However, when viewed on a large screenโ€”your laptop, for exampleโ€”your app maintains a mobile layout, although it works nonetheless.
We plan to introduce layouts for tablet and web in the coming months.

Why are rows appearing at the bottom of my sheet?

If you have added a function to your sheet and copied it down to all columns, then Glide will see that data.

How does Glide count the number of users of my app?

The number of app users displayed on your dashboard is the number of unique devices that have visited your app. If one person opens your app on their laptop, and on their phone, that would count as 2 users in this context, regardless of whether they log in and use your app.

Do you support right to left RTL languages

Partially - yes. Glide will render many different parts of an app with RTL text. However, not all parts of the UI support this. We hope to offer full RTL support in future.
Last modified 1yr ago