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Limits on Personal Apps
Learn more about limits on Free apps
You can make an unlimited number of personal apps with Glide, but personal apps have certain limitations that you should know about. These limits apply per app.

500 rows of data

Personal apps can display up to 500 rows of sheet data. Additional rows beyond 500 will not be shown to users, and they will see a warning message like "this app is full."
Only rows used in your app are counted, so additional sheets in your Google Sheet that are not used in your app are not counted.
โ€‹You can upgrade your plan to get more rows.

100MB of file storage

In personal apps, users can upload up to 100MB of images and other files, that Glide will store so that other users can view those files.
If your personal app uses more than 100MB, we will email you to let you know that your app is over the limit. You can lower your app's storage use by removing links to unused or unwanted files from your sheets. Glide will ignore those removed files, and they will no longer count towards your 100MB. After a while, Glide will permanently delete these removed files.
Links to files that are not stored by Glide do not count toward your file limit, so if you have a very large file you want to share with users of your app, consider storing it elsewhere.
If your personal app stays above the 100MB storage limit for long, users will be prevented from uploading new files in the app. Upgrade your plan for more storage.

1,000 sheet edits per month

Glide updates the data in your app every time your Google Sheet changesโ€”for example:
  • When a user adds an item in an app
  • When a user edits an item in the app
  • When someone makes a change directly to the Google Sheet
Personal apps allow 1,000 sheet edits per month. If you go above this limit, your app may not always show the latest data in your sheet.
โ€‹Upgrade your plan for more sheet edits.
Making changes to a Glide Table does not cause or increase sheet edits. Sheet edits are only counted for Google Sheets.

One user at a time in password-protected apps

When using the password sign-in method, only one user can be signed into the app at a time. Any other active user will be asked to sign out when a new user signs in.
โ€‹Upgrade your plan for unlimited simultaneous users when using password sign-in.

100 Zaps per month

Personal apps can use the Zapier action 100 times per month. Zapier actions above 100 will not be sent.
โ€‹Upgrade your plan for more Zapier actions.

10 signatures per month

The Signature component can collect 10 signatures per month, after which users will not be able to add new signatures.
โ€‹Upgrade your plan to collect more Signatures per month.

10 location entries per month

The Location component can collect 10 locations per month, after which users will not be able to record new locations.
โ€‹Upgrade your plan to collect more locations per month.

10 address pins per map

Maps in personal apps can show 10 address pins per map.
โ€‹Upgrade your plan to show more address pins per map.

10 address lookups in Distance columns

Distance columns in personal apps can lookup 10 addresses per month.
โ€‹Upgrade your plan to lookup more addresses per month.

Virtual email addresses only

When a user signs into a personal app, the app developer receives an anonymous virtual email address that protects the privacy of the user. Pro apps have the option of recording the userโ€™s real email address. You are responsible for complying with the relevant laws when handling the personal information of your users.

Glide branding and promotion

Free apps say "made with Glide" on the launch screen, sign-in screen, and About screen. Personal apps may sometimes use new or experimental methods to alert users that the app was made with Glide, such as showing "made with Glide" in a new location.
โ€‹Upgrade your plan to remove "made with Glide" and other messages about Glide from being shown to users.
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