Various Glide features require the hosting of files. For example, when you upload files in the image or file picker and when you fill out the signature component โ€“ Glide stores that file online and this counts against your storage quota.
You can learn more about files and quotas over at
Uploaded files will eventually be deleted if we don't detect them being used for a long time.
'Being used' means that there is a link to the file in a table. So as long as there is a link to a file somewhere in your table, Glide will not delete it (assuming your team is within your plan's storage quota).
However, if all links to a file are removed from your table, the file will be deleted within 28 days.
n other words, if no one uses your app and you don't log in to edit it in Glide โ€“ then the files will eventually be deleted from our servers.
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