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Preview your app as different users will see it
Most apps rely on user-specific data. In other words, apps can look and behave differently, depending on who's using it. As you design your app, it's important to be able to preview these different scenarios. To do this, we use View As.
The View as Flyout Menu
The View As feature can be accessed by clicking on the View As menu on top-left side of Glide. Here we'll see a list of all users that have access to your app. When we click on any of the users on that list, Glide will then display what that user would see.
This will also work in the Data Editor if you have used User-specific columns.

See user profiles in the preview as menu

In order for the View as dropdown to show your app's users, your app needs to have User Profiles enabled. If your app uses Roles, you will also see their role in the dropdown.
Preview as
If you don't have User Profiles enabled, you will still be able to preview user-specific data โ€“ but you will have to enter the user's exact email address โ€“ as opposed to searching for their name or role.