Organizing your data
How to set up your spreadsheet properly to make sure Glide recognizes the data correctly.
Before creating a Glide app, you should have a basic Google spreadsheet document containing the rows of data you'd like to display in your app.
Type into your browser's address bar to create a new Google Sheet. Clever!
The first row should be column names. For example, if you're making an Employee Directory app, your first row could contain column names like Name, Title, Email, Phone, and Photoโ€”these are the properties that each of your employees has:
After the first row, every following row should have values in each of those columns; every employee has their own Name, Title, Email, Phone, and Photo. It's okay to leave cells empty if, for example, an employee doesn't have a phone number.
Glide is picky about how it reads your spreadsheet. If you have cells separated by entirely empty columns, Glide may not see them.
Now you're ready to make your first app!
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