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Can I use frozen rows in my sheet?

Glide supports frozen rows. If you have less than 20 frozen rows, Glide will take those frozen rows for the column names. When thereโ€™s more than one cell in the frozen rows for a column, the lowest one will be the column name.

Can I have more than one spreadsheet as a source?

Unfortunately not. But you can use IMPORTRANGE to pull in data from other sheets into your original sheet.

Can I use the IMAGE formula?

Google Sheets has an IMAGE formula to display images in cells. This formula is not supported in Glideโ€”IMAGE(URL) will not work, but URL will.

I'm having problems with date & time formatting

Depending on your location and spreadsheet's settings Google Sheets will expect a certain format for your dates. In the image below our spreadsheet is set to United States so Google Sheets expects a Date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
Cell G2 & G4 are recognized as dates, but cell G3 & G5 aren't.
  • G3 is seen as just text
  • G5 is seen as a number (we originally entered 05292009)
You can change the settings for your 'Locale' and affect the way your dates are formatted in Sheets. Go to File/Spreadsheet Settings and you'll see a window like the one below.
It's possible to change your 'Locale' and not affect your timezone. In the image below our timezone is London GMT but the Locale is United States.
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