Use Publishing Control to Manage Updates
Jul 19, 2021
Glide now has Publishing Control. This allows you to choose whether to sync changes immediately every time you make a change โ€“ย or to make your changes and then publish.
So should you have auto-publishing on or off? Well, it depends on what kind of edits you are doing and how these will affect your users.
If you are making edits while your users are using the app, or you're concerned about the impact of the changes โ€“ย then it's advisable to turn off auto-publishing and push changes manually when you are done. This also allows you to revert changes you've made using Undo/Redo before you hit the publish button.
However, if the app is just used by you or a few people or the changes you are making are very small โ€“ then feel free to leave Auto-Publish on.
In the words of Jeff Hager:
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