Glide Library
List screen layouts
List layouts change the way that your list items are displayed. Apps & Pages mostly share the same layouts although not all. This guide will mainly concern layouts in Apps.
Some layout options in Glide
Layouts work on the top level of tabs, as well as in the Inline List and List Relation components.
To change the layout, select the different options in the 'Style' section of the layout area of Glide.
Selecting a Style
Some layouts like Map and Calendar require specific data types (location + date respectively) in order to work properly.


Lists also have a grouping setting feature. In the example below, each of the baked goods is grouped according to their price.

Show Detail Screen

By default, all lists have the action Show Detail Screen enabled. This means that when you tap on a list item you will go to that item's Details Screen.
However, you can disable this action and prevent your list items from doing this by picking another action. To go to the action settings, click on the General tab and scroll to the bottom, select your action from the dropdown list.
Show Detail Screen
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