Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
Glide Apps on Different Devices
Glide Apps work on all browsers, iOS, Android, tablets, and desktops.
All Glide Apps work on mobile devices. If your app is Pro then you can enable Tablet/Desktop mode in Settings/Appearance.
The checkbox for tablet mode when your app is Pro
If your app is a free app, users on Tablet & Desktop will see a Mobile Preview which they can interact with.

Tablet/Desktop Layouts

If you've enabled Tablet/Desktop layout, you don't need to do anything to re-configure your app. Glide Apps automatically change their layout, depending on the device that's viewing it. Apps will change from mobile to tablet/desktop when their portrait width is larger than 600px.
As well as the layout being simply bigger, Tablet/Desktop has some important additions.

Master-Details View

In tablet/desktop, lists have a Master-Details layout. In other words, your list stays persistent on the left, and when you click on one of the list items โ€“ the details layout on the right changes.
The master-details view on tablet/desktop


A variety of features that take up the whole screen in Mobile layout appear as modals in Tablet/Desktop layouts. This includes; Add Screens, Edit Screens, Filter Screens, Form Screens and the Choice Component's list style.

Show fullscreen

When viewing for the first time on desktop, users may briefly see the Mobile UI. However, they can just click the 'Show Fullscreen' button to enable the desktop layout.