Introduction to Values
When we configure our app, we're constantly working with values and using them in different ways.

Column values

For example, in a list layout, Glide asks us to select which Column Values we want to display as properties.

Custom values

At other times, we're able to enter custom values โ€“ for example, below we can configure the Title Component with Column Values or a Custom Value.

Special values

And at other times, we get access to Special Values โ€“ like in the Set Columns configuration. Below, in the Location value field, we can click the three dots menu and choose from all three value types.

User profile columns

If we have enabled User Profiles in our app, we can access User Profile columns in certain contexts.
โ€‹Column Values, Special Values and User Profile Columns are not just things you pick in value fields, you can also use them in Forms, Add & Edit screens. โ€‹